Just woke up with a great world-changing idea?

You probably have a hardware device in mind. Something that needs coding and it needs to be connected to the Internet.

With more than 10 years of experience, we design solutions for embedded systems or IoT from scratch.

We are very experienced with the Microchip PIC controller or Arduino and we can provide full services, from your idea to the thing sitting the shelves:

  • device hardware design
  • software development for integrated systems
  • device building and delivery (ROHS compliant)

The integrated devices can be controlled or connected to mobile applications, web applications or desktop applications.

What can we do

  • real-time data acquisition from sensors: temperature, humidity, gamma radiations, position, acceleration, voltage, fluid pressure, gas concentrations, GPS, air quality control and many others.
  • motor controllers
  • custom devices/equipment such as programmed hydraulic/pneumatic presses

These devices can be interfaced with LCD screens or LED displays

The communication can be done wireless using Wifi, BT, BLE protocols.

What hardware do we use?

We developed and integrated solutions using the mainstream single-board controllers:

  • Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi

My idea doesn't need a full blown PC...

It's sometimes the case when the device functionality does not require the power of a mini-computer. In that case we prefer to integrate a Microchip PIC microcontroller, resulting in high realiability, smaller power consumption and lower costs. In this case we will design the whole system starting from the board and the required components around the PIC microcontroller to the software.

Some examples of embedded or IoT projects

Ridorail BLE

Team size

2 people


2 months


Pricing model: Fixed

Methodology: Waterfall

The product

The client needed a hardware device capable of controlling a high-torque motor using the mobile phone. The device is used to open/close the curtains. We opted for a PIC microcontroller and a BLE connection


-if the engine stalls, the power is automatically cut after a certain time (amperage sensor)


C compiler, BT protocol