We don't suck

We do things properly - and our clients agree with this. They can't be ALL wrong. And yes, we do respond emails, quickly. Because we know how annoying it is to be waiting like an idiot for that damn reply...

We've seen lots of atrocities coded in a country where a tiger can take an entire family.
For us, looking at bad coding is simply put a cringy experience.

This is why we use the latest technologies so the end product will benefit from a longer life cycle.
We always custom-code using the best coding practices. While we like to eat spaghetti, we hate spaghetti code !

We take pride in what we code.

We deliver more for less

It is often the case we discover during the development better ways of dealing with issues such as data input, data manipulation or UI elements that can't be predicted before the application is actually used. We will obviously implement the best approach with the user experience in mind.

We think that inefficient applications contribute to the global warming so our products will always validate the user input properly.

We care about the user

A user fighting with the interface is something nobody wants, therefore we design intuitive and easy-to-use front ends resulting in lower training expenses and better learning curve. Because no matter how great a product is, what we call "a tired" interface will deter the user from using it.

We hate hackers

Who doesn't ! But the truth is, when they strike everyone starts to blame each-other. Security is one of our main concerns and we believe in overkill security measures; having seen so many security issues caused by poor programming practices we believe in that "better safe than sorry" old saying.

As a rule we use high security technologies and sometimes we encrypt the database itself. And we like salt in food as much as we like it in our hashes.

We offer support. Real support.

We all know sad stories about a project successfully developed but without any support.

Or very expensive support.

Or no support plus a code looking like chicken scratch, code nobody would want to overtake.

We offer 1 year of free support, covering any bugs our client may find - because some bugs could be difficult to replicate and detect (bug-free apps are urban legends)